Plain Black Leather Shin Guards


Hardcore shin guards for you bad Muthas. These 100% leather shin guards are 10 1/2" tall and have three adjustable buckled straps in the back. The smallest buckled strap adjusts to fit legs from 9" to 14" around and the largest buckled strap on the other end (8" out from the smallest strap) adjusts to fit legs from 12" to 17" around. Handmade locally just for us from high quality 100% thick Black Leather to take as much abuse as you can give them. Very durable and very serious. They're $89.00 for a pair. Check out the matching arm gauntlets and wrist cuffs, too.

OUT OF STOCK items or sizes can still be ordered directly from the manufacturer.  Use the coupon code "snb" for a 20% discount at