3-Row Wide Triple Row Small Grommet Belt


You want grommets, we got 'em! This is a 1-3/4", 3-row wide belt with three matched rows of small chrome grommets. Unlike those disposable cheapo bonded leather belts from places like Hot Topic with their short life and quality, these belts are handmade locally just for us from thick 100% Black Leather and will last as long as you do! Fits most belt loops. They're also made with detatchable buckles so you can customize 'em.

*NOTE: PLEASE ADD 3-4 INCHES TO YOUR WAIST SIZE WHEN ORDERING TO ACCOUNT FOR CLOTHING THICKNESS* (example: your waist 30", then order the size that best fits 34" - we recommend a Medium)

S=27-32", M=30-36", L=34-38", XL=38-42", XXL=41-48"

Due to material costs, sizes XL-XXL cost $1 more.

OUT OF STOCK items or sizes can still be ordered directly from the manufacturer.  Use the coupon code "snb" for a 20% discount at nemesisleather.com